Have you ever considered a treatment for minor cosmetic procedures, but you’re a little worried about pain management?

At Gaughf Dermatology, we want all our patients to feel comfortable and confident during any procedure.

Pro-Nox™ is a natural blend of 50% oxygen and 50% nitrous analgesia. During your procedure, Pro-Nox™ is self-administered through a safe inhalation system. You control how much or how little is administered and within seconds you will experience increased comfort and reduced anxiety. Effects wear off in 5-10 minutes and leave no trace of chemicals in the body.

Procedures that can be performed with the aid of Pro-Nox™:

  • Morpheus ( Microneedling with RadioFrequency)
  • Injectables in patients with significant anxiety
  • PRP – Protein Rich Plasma Injections for Hair Loss
  • Can be used in pediatrics for children afraid of small procedures
  • Laser tattoo removal

Ask your dermatologist at your next visit about Pro-Nox™.