Do you blush easily? Or always have red cheeks? Or have pimples or broken blood vessels on the face?  Then you may suffer from rosacea.  These are some of the symptoms of rosacea as well as flushing or hot skin, oily skin, skin that is easily sore and irritated, bloodshot,  dry or gritty eyes.   Rosacea can also cause thick skin of the nose or enlarged bumpy nose called rhinophyma .

Rosacea can run in families and  those between 30-50 with fair skin, hair and eyes or women in menopause are more likely affected.

Treatment cannot cure rosacea but can provide ease of discomfort or lessen unsightly red discoloration or bumps  on the skin.  Each treatment plan can be tailored to your individual needs.  This can include topicals, oral medication, laser therapy, and blue light therapy.   Laser therapy is a quick treatment we offer at Gaughf Dermatology to remove tiny red blood vessels on the face which are part of rosacea.    Flares can be lessened by using  a daily facial moisturizer and sunscreen since sunlight can worsen rosacea.  Triggers for a rosacea flare are different for each individual and can include spicy food, alcohol, caffeine or hot beverages.